Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Arrival to the Watson Hotel!

Full House Again!
It seems the Watson Hotel is at full capacity again! Our newest arrival Grandma Bagley came in late December. Her room is full of things to remind her of family, and she has two beds. Funny enough she
thinks someone needs to be sleeping in it. However there are more beds than there are people in the house.We have explained to her that we all have beds upstairs. But we have figured out that having the extra bed in her room comes in handy for when we have "accidents". But she stays in her room most of the time, sleeping. Which is normal for her.

Each day is different as we all get use to having her here.From breakfast to dinner each interaction is a delight. Its wonderful having Grandma here as we all get to know her as the amazing woman she is.
Each days routines vary depending on how Grandma feels. Basically eating sleeping and going to the bathroom are all that she does. But during the few times we actually get to sit and talk with her it brings laughter and enjoyment to us all. With her sight not being the best, she at times shes stuff that is not really there and we explain to her that the rug on the floor is not a needle and thread and that the grout on the floor makes the floor look dirty but its not really dirty :) Nevertheless she makes each day special and fun.

OH! We have a dog named Kitty, ok we dont really have a dog, its a big ceramic dog that sits outside her bedroom, and she asked Joe and I could we move it because it scares her, so we are relocating Kitty to another room! :)

Grandma always ask if there are any more people in the house, and next to being at Ann's house it is very boring! But we explain that it is only Joe, me, Kimmy and her.
But overall Grandma is doing great here in foggy Manteca California! We will post more weekly. The holidays took us for a whirl and getting used to having grandma here has been a big task. So thanks for being patient as we get more posted!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Vacancy!

The Watson Hotel has once again reached its maximum occupancy. With Papa Joe, myself , Jeremy, our niece Kimmy, and Grandma Bagley soon to be arriving, we find ourselves with a full house.

OH! We might have an opening in January as Jeremy is making a journey to Utah to explore the oppurtunity of a job.
More to come once with time... :)

The life of Papa Joe and Grandma!

Typical morning starts at 3:30 am when I wake up to get my first child for daycare. Then I crawl back into my warm, comfy, soft bed, but to yet wake up again at 4:00 or 5:00 to wake Papa Joe up for work. As Papa Joe leaves for his long journey to the bay to make money for Grandma to spend, OH WAIT, I take that back for Papa Joe to spend!! :) I try to catch a few more minutes of sleep. I then wake up around 6:45 am to yet get another child for daycare, eat my breakfast, do my exercise, take kids to school, and continue to slave on cleaning this house.. :) Everyday comes with different responsibilities in cleaning parts of the house. As my house cleaning duties end I usually manage to sneak in some food, and maybe a soap opera or two. Around a quarter to 3pm I walk down the street to pick up children to come back and help with homework and wait for parents to arrive. Giving Piano lessons usually fall shortly after. After a day of kids cleaning the house , homework, and piano lessons, I manage to cook dinner and wait for Papa Joe to return from work. However, I see him come in , take his shoes off (at the wrong place) get some soda pop, and head straight for the computer. UNLESS, I have dinner ready then of course he manages to squeeze in time for food. So as our day comes to an end I am back in my room, waiting for the electric blanket to get warm for me so I don't freeze. As I close my eyes around 9:30pm I await for tomorrow to once again do the same thing.. :)

SO I will make sure to post another blog in a year to once again say the same thing.. :) Just kidding!

The Watson Hotel is Up and Running!!

Christmas time is here and we all know that decorating is Papa Joes favorite thing to do.. :) Just kidding. But, we did manage to get our Christmas decorations out and ready for the Holidays!Wish we could be there to celebrate the holidays with all of children , however we are here in California waiting for Grandma Bagley to arrive. We will keep all of you in our hearts and thoughts as these holidays pass. Love you all!